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Evolving Strategies is dedicated to understanding human behavior through the creative application of randomized-controlled experiments.

ES is much more than a full service data, analytics and research firm. We do high-level modeling, segmentation or “micro-targeting” and add tremendous value to voter files. But these core services at other firms are just a warm-up for ES.

We don’t just collect and analyze data; we create it.

We use randomized-controlled experiments in the “lab” and in the “field” to discover what works and what doesn’t in communications tactics and strategies.

And we don’t just create one-off tests; we design integrated experimental protocols that dig deep into political psychology.

We want to know what works and WHY, so that each test improves on the effectiveness and efficiency of the messaging or tactic, and each dollar a client spends does more than the last.

We craft custom experiments to find true causal relationships and peel back the psychology underlying human behavior. It’s a quantitative method that delivers a qualitative break from the past – experiments are the future of modeling and “micro-targeting.” ES builds better data, not just bigger data.

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Creating data with true experiments

A basic fact; none of us really knows what works until we test it with a true experiment. And the results are often quite surprising. We’ve found large persuasion and GOTV effects, both negative and positive, and most wouldn’t have been picked out of a lineup as obvious winners or losers.

We conduct sophisticated experiments in the “lab” and in the “field,” creating data that tells you how best to move your target audience.

We have extensive experience testing a wide range of messages and tactics, from persuasion and GOTV mail and phone calls, to radio and television ads, text messaging, canvassing and survey scripts and much more.

Our data lead to precise, actionable conclusions that don’t just tell you how the world is, but what to do to shift it in your direction.

Read more about our online PocketTrial® “lab” experiments, and our “field” experiments.


General data & modeling services

We provide services that leverage data to your advantage, including data collection, integration, processing, modeling, experimentation, and management.

Our innovative Big Data technology and algorithms enable our clients to target populations with greater precision, efficiency and effectiveness, understand what moves each segment, optimize internal operations, inform strategy and decision-making, and achieve more with less.

We understand that each client is different. That’s why we work with you to provide custom, creative solutions meeting your specific needs.

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Our research and analysis provides unique value and huge savings. Call or email us for more information or an estimate (info@evolving-strategies.com | 703.373.7384).



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