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“They’re the right’s answer to the Analyst Institute.” Kevin Collins, Director of Research, Analyst Institute


"Having worked with the team at Evolving Strategies on several campaigns, it's hard to imagine going back to the days of guessing how to engage and turnout voters.  Testing a message with a true experiment and figuring out what drives individual voters in the right direction has become a necessity, not a luxury. Evolving Strategies takes out the guesswork and provides the solutions.” Nancy Smith, Deputy Campaign Manager, Dave Brat for Congress & Former Grassroots Coordinator for Middle Resolution PAC


“Democrats . . . apparently have a new edge in another area: testing the effectiveness of campaign messages with different audiences . . . [Evolving Strategies’] controlled experiments on which messages could have helped Cuccinelli close the gap are worth examining.” John Fund, National Review Online


“Is any of this advertising making a difference? That is the ultimate question . . . there is one study worth noting. The consulting firm Evolving Strategies recently completed a large randomized experiment . . .” John Sides, Washington Post’s Wonkblog


“So voters finally seem to be moving, part of what’s being called an Obama convention bounce. But who exactly is doing the moving? I recently wrote about one of “PocketTrial” lab experiments . . . Sasha Issenberg, Victory Lab


“I’ve mentioned Evolving Strategies before, a D.C. consultant group that does some really interesting online experiments . . .” Sean Trende, Senior Elections Analyst, RealClearPolitics


“In this hard-to-predict GOP primary season, among the most interesting polls are coming out of a husband-wife team, Adam and Sabrina Schaeffer.” Clark S. Judge, Managing Director, White House Writers Group


“[Evolving Strategies’ experimental results, at the peak of Gingrich's popularity,] prefigured what weeks later became reality, when a barrage of negative advertising from Romney and his super-PAC effectively sank Gingrich. Michael Warren, Reporter, Weekly Standard


“Many companies approach research with shallow questions, so it’s not surprising they get shallow answers. Evolving Strategies’ probing research methodology digs deeper, resulting in valuable nuggets of information that traditional research often fails to produce. ES’s ability to synthesize huge amounts of data into understandable insights gives clients the confidence they need to move forward with actionable next steps, whether it’s the creation of powerful messages, compelling advertising or resonate public policy positions. If you need sophisticated research that leads to significant results, Evolving Strategies is the partner for you.” Michael Wm. Schick, Partner, Adfero Group


“Evolving Strategies’ experimental design and analysis gave us solid evidence of which ads worked and which didn’t. Ad buys are too important and too expensive to be left to conjecture, and their message testing helped us make sure we deployed our resources in the most effective way possible.” Richard Nadler, President, Americas Majority

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