A PocketTrial® delivers clarity and depth

Evolving Strategies is bringing the experimental revolution to public opinion research, integrating opinion and behavioral research in an experimental framework.

We use applied experiments to answer the right questions with certainty. And we focus on advanced opinion research conducted online, because that’s where we can produce the most insight and value for our customers. For ES, online research isn’t a belated add-on to please tech-conscious customers or reduce costs. It’s the future of high-end opinion research.

It is not enough just to do better what everyone has been doing for decades. Other firms use essentially the same approach from 50 years ago, only now with computers. The old way is not just inadequate, but dangerous.

That’s why we use online surveys, double-blind controlled experiments, and creative research designs to understand voter and consumer psychology.

Join our public opinion revolution.

Our PocketTrial is like your own small-scale clinical drug trial, but it’syour message we’re testing.

A PocketTrial quantifies the true impact of a message using a customized, double-blind, and fully controlled experimental design.  You deserve more than a focus group dressed up with bells, whistles and dials or the same old surveys.

Our PocketTrial can deliver the opinion snapshot of a standard poll, the color & insight of a focus group, and the movement & certainty that’s missing from both.


Evolving Strategies

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