What is Evolving Strategies?

We free innovation from risk.

Evolving Strategies is a behavioral science and clinical data science firm. We use experiments and artificial intelligence to modify (not just predict) human behavior — we get more people to do what you need them to do.


Risk kills innovation. And organizations that don’t innovate fail.

But we all know there is a problem with being innovative. It’s risky.

You’re almost always wrong when you try something new.


There’s a way to eliminate your risk and be right when you try something new: run an experiment.

That’s what the most innovative organizations do all the time — because they have to. A culture of innovation requires confidence, and we provide confidence by looking into alternate futures with the tool of randomized-controlled experiments.


We have the deepest and broadest expertise in running experiments of any consulting firm on this planet or any other. But we’re also more than just a method.

We know a lot about humans — and how they behave — after observing so many and running so many experiments for other clients. Humans — your friends, your neighbors, the fellow citizens you’re trying to persuade.

What would you try today if you couldn’t fail? How would you innovate if you knew the end result would always be a positive ROI?

Let us help you try something new today.
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Evolving Strategies is dedicated to understanding human behavior through the creative application of randomized-controlled experiments, leveraging that understanding to increase value for our client.


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