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Experiments in the field

The experimental method can be applied live, in the field, on active voters and customers.

ES has conducted a wide range of field experiments, testing both messages and tactics, persuasion and GOTV mail and phone calls, to radio and television ads, text messaging, canvassing and survey scripts and much more.


We focus on designing experiments that yield the greatest value in the shortest time to deliver actionable conclusions, even in the final stretch of an election or issue campaign. We work quickly to help our clients determine what is most important to test and how best to test it.

We deliver the clarity and certainty regarding the best message, tactic, targeting, and timing that every organization should demand before spending hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars.

An integrated testing protocol that combines insight from the more controlled and fine-grained PocketTrial®  with targeted field experiments increases the value and efficiency of each approach. Evolving Strategies will help you create a testing protocol and deliver analysis that ensures your field experiment creates the most value possible.

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