Childcare policies and priorities

The problem 

Across the country, Progressive organizations and politicians are pushing for a massive increase in government involvement in child care. Although increased government spending, programs, and regulation of child care often sounds beneficial to the average citizen, government intervention reduces child care options while increasing costs and decreasing flexibility for...

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The Classiest Primary Ever

Trump / Cruz ads work on a different class of voters

Qualtrics, the world’s leading enterprise survey platform, and Evolving Strategies, a clinical data science firm, announced results today from the first clinical trial testing the effectiveness of Republican primary ads. Qualtrics and Evolving Strategies...

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Texas Gubernatorial Project

Overview of the Experiment

The Texas Gubernatorial Project (TGP) commissioned Evolving Strategies to test the effectiveness of pro-life messages in shifting vote preferences in the Texas gubernatorial election.

ES executed a randomized-controlled experiment using an online survey sample of respondents matched to the Texas voter file the week...

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Do women respond to messages about workplace regulation?

The problem 

The so-called “Healthy Families Act” (HFA) would mandate paid sick leave for businesses with more than 14 employees. It is yet another attempt — along with the Lilly Ledbetter Act, minimum wage increases, and the “Paycheck Fairness Act” — for Progressives to expand the federal government’s regulatory oversight...

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What do women want (in a workplace)?

The problem 

What do women want? The Independent Women’s Forum commissioned Evolving Strategies to implement a Causal Conjoint Optimization (C2O) to discover what matters to women in a workplace— and what attracts female job candidates to and retains female employees at a company. 

How much do women value...

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GOP Primary Dynamics Experiment-Treatment Details

Respondents were randomly assigned to one of three* conditions:

  • Control Condition Respondents watched commercial, non-political video content followed by a survey.

  • Gingrich Condition Respondents watched, in random order, a positive Gingrich ad, a negative Gingrich ad, a positive Perry ad, and a negative Perry ad followed by...

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Evolving Strategies

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