IWV-PFA-Treatment & Design of Experiment Details

Design of Experiment & Survey Instrument

In order to test the effectiveness of competing messages on the Paycheck Fairness Act, respondents were randomly assigned to one of five conditions in a true experiment – four treatment groups and a control:

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GOP Electability Experiment 2012

Who’s most electable in the GOP field?

A national survey experiment designed by ES to test each of the three GOP frontrunners (Romney, Cain, and Perry) in a head-to-head match up against President Obama. It is a nationally representative, general population sample consisting of 1,005 respondents, fielded by YouGov October...

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GOP Primary Dynamics

GOP primary dynamics: the impact of advertising on candidate support

An online message experiment testing pairs of positive and negative ads about Romney, Gingrich, and Perry. We utilized a non-probability, opt-in respondent sample of 672 Republicans fielded December 6-8th.


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Romney/Ryan Ad Impact on Swing Voters - Evolving Strategies Main Site

An online message experiment testing the impact of Romney/Ryan ads on weak partisan & pure independent voters.

How do swing voters respond to Ryan’s introduction to the Republican ticket? Does Ryan help or hurt Romney? These questions are impossible to answer with traditional surveys. To answer these questions, we executed...

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Who’s Winning the Presidential Ad War?

An online message experiment testing the impact of Romney and Obama ads on weak partisan & pure independent voters.

To discover whether Obama’s or Romney’s ads are more effective in shifting the vote, we partnered with Qualtrics and executed a PocketTrial™ testing the individual and combined impacts of seven...

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What Debt Message Works Best?

Winning the debt messaging war

An online PocketTrial® experiment testing the impact of conservative debt/deficit messages on weak partisan & pure independent voters.

Independent Women’s Voice commissioned Evolving Strategies to run a PocketTrial® online survey experiment testing eight conservative messages on the national deficit and debt (see full report here). 


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Data and Modeling

Back to Basics, Better Models, Experimental Data

By far the most important and valuable data in a voter file is what everyone already has or can easily get; party registration, voter history, and census and neighborhood data.

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